Brabant Business Battle Site V2

Hexspoor-fulfilment team takes on #BrabantBusinessBATTLE

The tension builds up: this Saturday Hexspoor ventures into the #BrabantBusinessBattle. The Hexspoor fulfillment team is taking on the challenge and is rolling up its sleeves!


The second Brabant Business Battle will take place next Saturday (30 September 2019). Our team of 6 colleagues defended the honor of Hexspoor - no guts no glory for an eventful day.

Nobody is more important than the team

This theme explains exactly what this year is all about. Team building! A day on which we can learn a lot from the approach from the army.

Who has the brains & balls?
Which company from Brabant has it in house ... that strong team that goes all out, that is physically and mentally strong?

The day consists of three parts.

1) In the morning it is the turn of the brains and it is looked at which team outsmarts the rest at a special location in Boxtel.

2) In the afternoon we test who has the balls. At the army base in Oirschot, the teams work hard under the guidance of the Royal Netherlands Army. It is all about courage, strength and ambition.

3) At the end of the day, we stopped the fight and reconciled with beer. But a glass of wine is also possible and is just as tough. In the evening there is plenty of opportunity for relaxation and good food.

It is very interesting to support the ALS Foundation and immediately get something special in return. We see the Brabant Business Battle as a great opportunity for "another" teambuilding. In addition, we trust and believe in the power of the Hexspoor fulfillment team. We always score with such a special battle for ALS!