Hexspoor & Greenpeace: ‘NIKS’/’NOTHING’

From November 1st, Hexspoor will be shipping the latest Greenpeace promotion: NIKS! The most requested gift for the holidays. NIKS, which translates to ‘nothing’ in Dutch, is available in multiple versions, such as “three times NIKS” and “all NIKS”. The ideal gift for the Dutchman who already has “everything”!

The Netherlands is consistently at the top of the richest countries in the world. It is therefore not surprising that in many cases the answer to the question what someone wants for the holidays is: “Nothing.”

Greenpeace has found a suitable solution for this. The NGO launches just before the holidays the ideal gift for the Dutchman who already has “everything”: NIKS. In other words, a beautifully designed box that literally contains NIKS.

It is a symbolic gift whose proceeds will be used as a one-time donation to restore a sustainable balance between people and the environment. Not nothing, such a NIKS gift: you give the warrior help with the work of no longer cutting down trees in the Amazon, that nothing polluting ends up in the oceans and nothing is drilled from the bottom of the Arctic. And that gigantic gift just fits through the letterbox. Don’t call it anything.

Hexspoor takes care of the dispatch and personalization of the tickets. We are proud of this great collaboration!

NIKS is available in multiple versions from November 1, such as “three times NIKS” and “all NIKS” at Greenpeace.nl/niks


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