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Annette Kors 
Webshop coordinator

Amnesty International, the Dutch division, is one of the largest branches of Amnesty in the world with over 250,000 members. The Amnesty-house in Amsterdam is the place where campaigning takes place and where Amnesty focusses on media work, education, lobbying, raising money and gaining new members. 

Amnesty’s webshop if the place to find a variety of products which reflect Amnesty’s ideals. You will find anything from candles and books to calendars and diaries. Everything is produced in the spirit of Amnesty. In other words, fair fashion and inspirational cards.

"Hexspoor provides fulfilment services but also takes care of the financial processing which ranges from sending invoices to sending reminders, final reminders and creating financial reports per product group and per client group."

The same goes for the provision of customer services. Any clients or volunteers calling Amnesty International’s webshop will actually be speaking to one of Hexspoor’s employees without even realising it. And that’s the way is should be according to Annette at Amnesty. “People don’t need to be made aware of the fact that they are speaking to a third party regardless of the fact that Hexspoor doesn’t feel like a third party to us. 

It is a family business and that is one of the reasons why it is such a good match with a charity like Amnesty International. They care about their business and they care about what they do and say. They also let us know if something is impossible. I like that. They are our logistical experts."



"A match made in heaven"

Annette Kors
Webshop coordinator

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