Bk Lowres

BK Hexspoor

Joost van der Sloot - Brand manager

Joost: "Our history stars back in the early eighties. An unknown company in New York has now become a large, internationally famous brand of shoes. Quality, originality and style are still our main focus."

“We have created a contemporary webshop so that we can reach fans across the globe and we collaborate with shops like Amazon, Zalando and La Redoute. 

Our own logistical organisation focusses on Business to Business and our collaboration with Hexspoor means we can now also help individual fans. Hexspoor can reach them... wherever they are in the world. They make sure that people in Europe, Japan, Puerto Rico, Indonesia, Venezuela, Greenland, Koeweit, Sir Lanka and the rest of the world have access to our British Knights. Hexspoor deals with more than just the fulfilment side of the webshop too. They also deal with returns and customer services.




"They always go that extra mile"

Joost van der Sloot
Brand Manager

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