A family business that employs engaged, loyal staff is almost obliged to focus on its corporate social responsibility. Making a difference and focussing on others is part of our DNA. This is reflected in our personal approach to our clients and staff, but also to the world around us.

People with distance to the labor market

We invest, for example, in long-term unemployed individuals and individuals with a disability which prevents them from participating in the labour market. We are one of the founding members, as well as board member, of AANtWERK [] and many of the incidental tasks are structurally performed by a flexible team dispatched by the Werkplaats Sociale Dienst (Social services Employment Agency).

Learning and working

We also employ trainees and we invest in training and guiding them. Our approach and involvement with both the educational facilities and the students has resulted in us being awarded a learning-working certificate. More information can be found at Also refugees with a residence permit (statushouders) can gain work experience at Hexspoor while they are learning for their integration training.


On our roof..

…where we take care of the shipping of thousands of packages ordered from (international) A-brand webshops, there are now 2000 m2 of solar panels. This

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