B2B Fulfilment

Want to make sure that your exclusive products reach their destination safely

You use your webshop to sell your exclusive products. Your organisation is specialised in high-end products, unique editions and sought-after editions. How can you best make sure that these valuable items make it into the hands of your clients safely while retaining the appeal of the packaging?

Hexspoor cherishes your products as much as you and your clients do. We think its self-evident that high-quality products require high-quality fulfilment. That’s why our services are just as exclusive and we put so much effort into a tailor-made solution. We do all this while keeping our prices affordable.

  • Hexspoor e-fulfilment was originally set-up as a shipper of exclusive (graphic) products. Care and attention to detail are engrained in our DNA.
  • We feel comfortable working with complex logistical processes, like personalisation and special supplements.
  • Our highly trained staff really feel involved and are happy to collaborate so that optimal process flow can be achieved. 
  • You can count of affordable, tailor-made solutions which offer extensive shipment options


Your contacts

Susanne Bolck

Algemeen Manager
(+31) 411 652122
(+31) 6 206 044 05

Kim van Hoesel

Business Development Manager
+31 411 652120
+31 6 18290688