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CDA Hexspoor

Marjolein Knol, CDA

The CDA party wants to achieve optimal visibility during the period preceding an election. The party uses a wide variety of promotional material to do so. Jumpers, scarves, banners, flyers and stickers are centrally stored in Boxtel and are sent to local party offices across the country.

The process is kept user-friendly and simple through the creation of a webshop by Hexspoor. 

Users can easily place orders and, when necessary, also make payments. Hexspoor issues online real-time updates about the status of ana order, stocks and any invoices due.

Marjolein Knol: "The supplier of our merchandise used to distribute these materials in the past. This made us unnecessarily inflexible. We’ve managed to regain this flexibility now Hexspoor has taken over the distribution of these items. This is their core business and you can tell."


“This is their core business”

Marjolein Knol

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