Gerard Hexspoor sr.

From 1946-1997

Gerard Hexspoor jr.

From 1972-1997

Silvan Hexspoor

From 1997- present

Tijn & Sjors Hexspoor

From 2022

The history of Hexspoor

Hexspoor, is a third generation family owned business, originated in Amsterdam in 1946 when Grandpa Hexspoor founded a book bindery company. Passion fueled its growth, and by 1965, it relocated to Boxtel for its strategic international location. Gerard Hexspoor, his son, spearheaded its transformation into an industry leading innovator, embracing advanced technology, featuring an inbound call-center, and boasting a logistics center.

Silvan Hexspoor, taking the reins in 1997, further expanded, emphasizing high-quality, creative, and complex questions along with personalized services. Hexspoor is emerged as a Dutch graphics industry leader and a pioneer in e-fulfilment services. At Hexspoor, e-fulfilment is not just a service; it’s a commitment to making a difference with a warm and personal touch. As we have expanded, we have worked hard to ensure that sense of family is not lost.

Hexspoor is your fulfilment partner to scale up your business in Europe and beyond. We specialise in meeting the unique needs of premium brands, offering the excellent fulfilment your brand deserves. From serving your fans (D2C) to supporting retailers (B2B), our precise fulfilment makes your brand shine worldwide.


We help people with difficult job prospects


We use durable solutions wherever possible


We support a lot of local projects