Cosmetics Fulfilment

Rossano Ferretti

“When we were going live, there were no suprises”

Graham Marwichk – Sales and operations director

Cosmetics fulfilment
for Rossano Ferretti

Rossano Ferretti is the successful owner of multiple elegant salons in the most enviable parts of the world, from Paris, Milan, Madrid, Miami, Shanghai, and even the beautiful Maldives. He created a hair care line with luxury hair styling products including shampoos, masks, serums, oils, and many more.

“We were shipping our products to our hair salons in Europe from the UK. So in 2020, we started looking for a partner to support us after Brexit. We needed a partner for the deliveries to our salons. At that time our ecommerce activities were new, but growing fast. Our products are crafted using the best natural ingredients from across the world. Therefore we needed the best fulfilment centre for our products.”

B2C and B2B

In Hexspoor E-fulfilment, Rossano Ferretti found the partner for their B2C and their B2B fulfilment. Connecting to their webshop, batch registration of stock, and real-time reporting, it is all part of doing business with Hexspoor.

“The onboarding team was amazing! When we were going live there were no surprises, no hick ups at all. The day-to-day business runs really smoothly at Hexspoor. And I have good contact with the Hexspoor team if have any questions.”