Beauty fulfilment


“The dedicated team of Hexspoor is always there when we need them. They think along with Zelens, but most of all they think ahead for us, a true partner.”



Robert Jackson

Beauty Fulfilment
for Zelens

Zelens, a luxurious skincare brand based in the UK, was founded by renowned dermatologist Doctor Marko Lens in 2007. With a sharp focus on skin aging and skin cancer, Zelens’ products are expertly crafted using medical expertise. Their unwavering commitment to quality has earned them global recognition and a loyal customer base across Europe and beyond.

“With Brexit throwing a spanner in the works, we needed to find a partner for our order fulfilment within Europe. We sought a beauty fulfilment partner that could seamlessly handle our orders and help us grow. It was crucial for us to find a partner with expertise on international shipping for both consumer packages (D2C) and those destined for retailers (B2B).  But also a partner that can provide a genuine unboxing experience through the use of custom-branded boxes, craft paper, and Thank-You notes.”

The partnership is
truly synergistic

“After thorough research, we discovered that Hexspoor E-fulfilment was the perfect match for our needs. What sets Hexspoor apart from other logistics providers is their commitment to personalised service – an invaluable asset for a growing brand like ours. They exceed expectations with their dedicated team of account managers and support representatives, ensuring seamless collaboration, efficient communication, and resolution of any complex challenges that may arise. The partnership between Zelens and Hexspoor is truly synergistic. Hexspoor takes great pride in contributing to our achievements.”