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Accessories & Apparel Fulfilment


As your beautiful products are of top-tier quality, your fulfilment should mirror that same standard. Each order is a true gift for your customers (D2C) and retailers (B2C). We guarantee the finest packaging and a unique unboxing experience.

At Hexspoor, we specialise in fulfilment for premium brands offering the most beautiful and luxurious accessories and apparel. 


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Accessories fulfilment Case

The story of Port Tanger unfolded in 2019, sparked by a poem from a travel diary set in Tangier. Their aim is to preserve the colours and cultures that travellers see and experience through the unique designs of their sunglasses. However, as global demand for their handcrafted eyewear skyrocketed, Port Tanger faced the challenge of effectively managing their growing popularity from their atelier.

“Handling our own order fulfilment has never been our area of expertise. As a creative team dedicated to designing the most beautiful sunglasses with a story, we strategically chose to outsource our fulfilment right from the start. We believe in focusing on what you do best. That’s why we sought a fulfilment partner capable of ensuring a seamless and high-quality fulfilment process, reflecting the luxury and care we put into our handcrafted products.”

Premium Fulfilment for Accessories & Apparel

At Hexspoor, we offer quality storage solutions in our 25,000 square metre warehouse equipped with underfloor heating, specifically designed for your beautiful and valuable products.

The Hexspoor Customer Portal provides real-time insights into online reporting and your orders.

As specialists in fulfilling orders for luxury accessories and apparel, we thoroughly understand the special care and needs of your high-quality products, ensuring the most unique unboxing experience for your customers. Adding a personalised ‘Thank You’ note, branded packaging, or labels — no question is too complex at Hexspoor. Partner with us for exceptional premium fulfilment.

Accessories & Apparel Brands at Hexspoor

Over 100 companies choose Hexspoor E-fulfilment. We work for beautiful, fast-growing premium brands, delivering their luxury products to fans and retailers all over the world. Hexspoor makes fulfilment truly fulfilling.

We are proud of every single one of them!