Healthcare Fulfilment


“We were happy with the rapid relocation, a flexible set-up of systems and great insight into our orders and stock.”

Kerri Toy – UK Director

Healthcare Fulfilment
for Reliv

Reliv is a global company that manufactures and sells nutritional supplements all over the world through a large network of distributors. Their main headquarters are in the United States, but they have a strong presence in Europe through their branch in the UK.

“Recently, we made a smart decision to rearrange our inventory by moving it to the Netherlands. This move allows us to streamline shipments across mainland Europe, which was especially important given the approaching Brexit deadlines.”

Fulfilment for Reliv

Fulfilment from
the Netherlands

“We decided to have Hexspoor handle both our B2B and B2C orders, while keeping customer service operations in the UK. It was crucial for us that Hexspoor provided accurate and up-to-date reporting of orders and stock. This information is essential for our customer service representatives in the UK to effectively assist customers. Furthermore, our products include fragile items that require customised packaging. Special systems were implemented to automatically choose the most suitable packaging materials.

 As a result of these strategic choices, we swiftly relocated our operations to Hexspoor’s warehouse in Boxtel. This move allowed Hexspoor to establish a flexible system setup that provided valuable insights into our orders and inventory for our colleagues in the UK. The introduction of specialised packaging materials significantly improved shipping quality while also making it more cost-effective and reducing lead times for shipments from the Netherlands.”