Book Fulfilment


“With Hexspoor, we have found a trusted partner to handle the entire logistical operation of our precious artbooks.”

Andre van Zomeren – Owner of Kintaro

Book fulfilment
for Kintaro Publishing

Since 1993, Kintaro Publishing has been creating top-tier tattoo books that elevate the art of tattooing into a captivating form of literature. They embarked on a path of continuous growth ever since, capturing the hearts of ink enthusiasts across the globe.

“Fast forward to last year, we found ourselves at an exciting turning point. The news about our exceptional books spread like wildfire and our community of readers continues to grow. It has been a dream come true for us, but it has also brought some challenges.”

Shipment to readers and
art enthusiasts worldwide

“As our success grew, so did the logistical side of our business: managing orders, tracking parcels, warehousing, or any other related aspects. Faced with limited warehouse capacity and a growing number of publications, we decided to form a partnership with Hexspoor E-fulfilment. This collaboration enabled us to refocus on our core business of publishing books and nurturing relationships with artists, ultimately reclaiming the time for creativity.

From the Hexspoor warehouse, our books are shipped directly to readers and art enthusiasts (D2C) all over the world. With their background as bookbindery and over 75 years of experience, Hexspoor knows how to handle books. Its shown in their way of storing books in the underfloor heated warehouse as well as in the packaging materials they use.
Their high-quality service and similar corporate culture seamlessly align with our own vision. They have proven to be a trusted partner, delivering on their promises with excellence and reliability, making them the go-to choice for book fulfilment services in Europe and beyond.”