Hexspoor has fully embraced its corporate social responsibility. This commitment is not merely a topic of discussion but a practice we actively engage in. Our dedication to sustainability and eco-friendliness is not driven by contemporary buzzwords; rather, it is a profound commitment that we take seriously. For the society, our people, and the planet. 


For Hexspoor it is important to contribute to the environment in which we work. Socially responsible entrepreneurship is at the core of how we operate every day. We actively support many local and national projects.

In addition to supporting projects, we encourage and support our team in their hard work, hobbies and volunteer activities. Curious to find out how? Watch our video to see what we have done over the years.

Our commitment meets our community!

Our amazing team is the secret to our family business’ success! 


At Hexspoor we are committed to making a positive impact for our people. We support marginalised individuals, such as long term unemployed and those with disabilities, through initiatives like ‘AANtWERK’.

We also look into the future and support students at all levels by offering internships and on-the-job training in collaboration with schools. We strive to create opportunities for everyone, at every level, regardless of their language, background, or religion.


Contributing to a cleaner environment is not a one-off process but an ongoing priority in everything we do. We opt for eco-friendly carriers with CO2 reduction initiatives, have energy-efficient lighting, and a roof packed with 2,000 square metres of solar panels. Plus, we offer plastic-free packaging and have introduced a green packaging line made entirely of grass carton materials.”

Hexspoor is the sustainable fulfilment partner for a greener tomorrow!