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Books & Stationery


Hexspoor cherishes your books and lovely products as much as you, your readers, and fans do. With over 75 years of experience as a book bindery in Otabind, we know exactly how to handle books and fragile products.

At Hexspoor we make sure your quality stationery and books reach all your fans in pristine condition. We use top-quality packaging material and have the best value-added services team to fulfill all your additional wishes.



Reporting & Customs

Stationery Fulfilment Case

Since 1993, Kintaro Publishing has been creating top-tier tattoo books that elevate the art of tattooing into a captivating form of literature. They embarked on a path of continuous growth ever since, capturing the hearts of ink enthusiasts across the globe.

“Fast forward to last year, we found ourselves at an exciting turning point. The news about our exceptional books spread like wildfire and our community of readers continues to grow. It has been a dream come true for us, but it has also brought some challenges.”

Fulfilment Experts for Books & Stationery

Your beautiful delicate products require high-quality storage. Our 25,000 square metre warehouse is equipped with underfloor heating, making our pallet and shelving location the ideal place to store your products.

Our advanced warehouse management system gives you the possibility to manage pre-orders or upcoming publications. Plus, our unique middleware provides access to real-time online reporting.

At Hexspoor, we have a rich history in the book binding industry (Ota bind) and understand that publishing books is a real craftsmanship.

We ensure your fragile products are covered in protective packaging, whether you sell design, photography books, beautiful glasses, notebooks, or other stationery items, we got you covered!


Publishers & Stationery Brands at Hexspoor

Over 100 companies choose Hexspoor E-fulfilment.
We work for beautiful publishers and fast-growing stationery brands with fans and retailers all over the world, delivering their books and fragile items across Europe and beyond. Hexspoor makes fulfilment truly fulfilling.