Fulfilment at Hexspoor

At Hexspoor, we focus on environmental sustainability, customer satisfaction and fostering strong partnerships. Our clients are reputable, emerging, and globally recognised brands who each seek excellent service and attention in their fulfilment partner.

 Our warehouse is optimised for parcel shipment to individuals (B2C/D2C) and retailers/wholesalers (B2B). By combining our clients’ volumes, we innovate together, offering unique services like eco-friendly grass fibre packaging and personalised ‘Thank You’ notes in every order.

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Direct to Consumer

We deliver directly to your fans worldwide (B2C/D2C), seamlessly connecting with any e-commerce platform for an efficient order process. Elevate your costumers’ shopping experience with personalised ‘Thank You’ notes in every order, ensuring a memorable unboxing experience that fosters costumer loyalty.

Win time to focus on your core business and let Hexspoor handle your logistic process.

Business to business

We can also manage your B2B orders, allowing you more time to focus on building your brand. We deliver to specialty shops, retailers and wholesalers around the world. Understanding the complexities of these important orders like no other, our team and systems are fully equipped to fulfill all B2B orders, whether we dispatch small or medium-sized parcels or pallets.

Combining these order flows in one fulfilment centre gives you the most optimal, efficient, and flexible logistic setup.

The Netherlands

B2C & B2B

High quality

Personal Attention

Pick, Pack & Warehousing

Our e-commerce integrations ensure a smooth order-to-dispatch process. Orders automatically transfer from your online platforms, with pre-built integrations for popular platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.

With our range of professional packaging options, such as custom-branded packaging and personalised ‘Thank You’ notes, we promise your customers a unique unboxing experience.


Optimal climate control, advanced security, and constant underfloor heating are key features of our warehouse. Backed by an advanced warehouse management system, we guarantee error-free order processing and efficient inventory monitoring.

Our dedicated and highly skilled support team is always ready to assist you and your customers.