Finals Entrepreneurship Award

Award for best entrepeneur in Boxtel

Hexspoor e-fulfilment in finals

Last Saturday, September 23rd, was the final of the Boxtel Entrepreneur Award. Hexspoor E-fulfilment finished as a finalist for the best B2B entrepreneur of Boxtel! First of all, congratulations to the winner, Van der Heijden Milieu- en installatietechniek B.V.

In this edition, all participants were assessed in three categories: sustainability, financial health, and strategic business management. The finalists and winner were chosen by the Boxtel public, other businesses, and a jury.

The BOT was once again associated with a charitable cause, namely the Vincentius Society. “The Vincentius Society cares for everyone in need, regardless of the cause, background, or religion.”

We are proud of reaching the final and enjoyed a great evening.