Celebrating our 25th anniversary!

“on your marks, get set, bake!”

Hip Hip

Hip Hip Hooray! Hexspoor E-fulfilment is celebrating its 25th anniversary!

We are incredibly proud of this milestone, as it makes us one of the oldest and most experienced fulfilment centers in the world.

A company with its own unique signature—a recipe you won’t find elsewhere and one that has proven to be rock-solid even after 25 years. As a birthday treat from us to you, we proudly present the Hexspoor Baking Book. This baking book is filled with delightful recipes and amusing anecdotes from the creators of this book: our very own Hexspoor team.

With the Hexspoor team, every fulfilment order is a PIECE OF CAKE.

So “on your marks, get set, bake!”

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Secret recipe

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