Our warehouse in the Netherlands: We see more than just the kilometers, kilos and square meters 
We regularly travel perhaps millions of kilometers for our clients each year. We have access to thousands of square meters of storage space, filled with tens of thousands of pallets and we dispatch countless kilos of packages. Nevertheless, each shipment is unique and each package receives the personal attention it deserves. We don’t believe in big numbers. Instead we believe in engagement and investing in businesses.


Safe and transparant warehousing in the Netherlands

We can access the whole world for you from the comfort of our centrally located warehouse. Your products are stored safely and can easily be found when a shipment is required. The warehouse is also suited for the storage of high-quality products thanks to excellent climate control: no daylight, regulated humidity, optimal insulation and constant underfloor heating.

Your products are in good hands with Hexspoor. Our warehouse in the Netherlands has been equipped with fire doors, fire-resistant walls, fire alarm systems and an advanced security system. The industrial park has been secured by means of license plate registration. All our employees who use forklift trucks and man-up order pickers have been trained in their use and all the materials used have been inspected.

You can keep an eye on the items you have stored online via the stock module. This will allow you to check current stocks and the consumption per item.

Order processing: automatic and manual options
The orders submitted through your webshop are automatically forwarded to our system. We can link the systems so that you have nothing to worry about. We have successfully realised plug-ins for Magento, WooCommerce, SAP and many other webshops as well as CRM and ERP systems. You can also forward any orders or have them forwarded via email. Our employees will then process the order ‘manually’.

Our employees will prepare an order once it has been received. They will complete the necessary documentation for the order (like a packing note, invoice and customs documentation) and will any other desired items like flyers and/or other types of (promotional) materials.

Postage and packaging
We will carefully package the order once it has been completed. The sky’s the limit here. From giftwrapping, different sized envelopes and boxes to stickers and other fun and creative additions all intended to create the appropriate brand experience. We look forward to telling you about the available options and our supplementary support services.

We will then distribute the package from our centrally located warehouse in Europe to all across the globe. We will select the best option based on the final destination, the weight of the package and the desired delivery date. We always guarantee excellent value for money, good track & trace services and high delivery reliability (>98%).

Your contacts

Tom van Duyn

Operations Manager
+31 411 657132