Proud sponsor of cultural Bazaar in Boxtel

The multi-cultural festival of Boxtel 

Proud sponsor of Bazaar Boxtel

This year marks the 22nd edition of Bazaar Boxtel, taking place on Sunday, July 9th, at Molenwijkpark. Hexspoor is delighted to support local initiatives, and once again, we proudly sponsor this event.

Susanne Bolck, “The Hexspoor team comprises individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. That is why we find Bazaar Boxtel such a fantastic initiative that we have been sponsoring with great pleasure for years. This event not only allows us to meet each other, but also provides an opportunity to get to know each other’s cultures better. We can dance to music from various countries and, my personal favorite, enjoy delicious dishes.”

The mission of Bazaar Boxtel is to bring together and connect diverse cultures and communities. Bazaar Boxtel is a vibrant and colorful festival where everyone can enjoy exquisite food, drinks, dance workshops, various stalls, and world music.

Will you join us on Sunday, July 9th?
The festival will be held in the beautiful Molenwijkpark and entrance is free.

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