Grass paper packaging as sustainable alternative

as substainably alternative

With grass paper packaging
we contribute to a better envirnmont

We consume 32 kg per person per year of cardboard and paper packaging material in The Netherlands. For this, too many trees are being felled every year. This can be done differently! That is why Hexspoor is introducing packaging made from grass cardboard.

Cardboard containing grass fibres produces about 50% less CO2 emissions, 30% less energy consumption and 65% less water and chemicals. It is also fully recyclable.

The grass used for grass cardboard usually comes from grasslands that are not suitable for agriculture or cattle breeding. The grass is harvested locally, which can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 50%. The grass is cut and dried to produce hay. The hay is then ground and pressed into pellets. No chemicals are used in the production of the grass pellets and much less water and energy are used because the fibers of natural grass require less cleaning. Finally, these pellets are mixed with recycled cardboard. Grass on its own is not strong enough. By mixing it with recycled cardboard, the firmness of this packaging can be guaranteed, but with much less use of wood!