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FD Gazelle award for the 6th time

Hexspoor e-fulfilment won for the sixth time on a row
the FD Gazellen Award

“Fulfillment company Hexspoor has won the FD Gazellen Award for the 6th consecutive time.”

The award, recognizing growing businesses, strengthens the company’s commitment to its family business vision, prompting continued hiring.

Earlier this year, an international version of the award was introduced due to the company’s international growth figures of at least 25 percent. Both awards require a minimum revenue growth of 20 percent.

For Hexspoor, logistics is nothing but customer-oriented service. Silvan Hexspoor, who runs the company with his wife Susanne Bolck, says, “My grandfather believed that the books and annual reports he produced for customers in his bookbinding business should be delivered as a service.” This e-fulfilment company emerged from that philosophy 25 years ago, with a 20 percent revenue growth last year.

Bolck adds, “We grow organically, not through acquisitions, but by setting high standards for quality. This attracts customers who share our focus on quality. Many of our customers also have serious growth ambitions, both domestically and internationally.”

The company invests significant effort in attracting new customers. Hexspoor explains, “We also choose beautiful brands in the process. This results in steady growth, with minimal returns. People who buy reputable brands are less likely to return items.”

Winning the Gazellen Awards means a lot to the entrepreneurial couple. Bolck says, “It confirms that we are doing things right, steadily growing for six years, aiming for the future. And we do it together. Our employees feel pride too, especially in a relatively small town like Boxtel, where everyone knows each other, and everyone knows who we are. Silvan is the third generation, the fourth is already on the way, making our connection to this community significant.”

And this year as a bonus:
the international Gazelle award

This year also an international award, as a bonus. Hexspoor: “That actually came a bit unexpectedly, I must admit. Thanks to our customers who are making great strides internationally. Only 53 of these awards have been presented this year, so being among them makes us quite proud.”

Do growth and quality of work go hand in hand? Hexpoor says he has found the right method for this. “We work with the lean method and use many KPIs to measure and adjust processes. We conclude SLAs (Service Level Agreements) with our customers, so that quality is also guaranteed in this way. We are open and transparent internally. For example, every morning we start the day with the staff to briefly look back and keep everyone on the same page.”

Unlike other companies in e-fulfillment, it is not a big problem for Hexspoor to find people who make growth possible. Bolck: “That is the advantage that we are in a small municipality where we are well known as a major employer. We have an average of around 100 people working, which will increase to more than 120 by the end of the year. And those people are there. People want to work with us.”

The bottleneck is space. Hexspoor: “There is simply little room here to expand, and the national discussion about drugging is not helping. But we are in discussions with the municipality and I am confident that we will reach an agreement.”

Source: by Frank Thooft