Hexspoor no.1 fulfilment company in Emerce100

A 6 star rating from the market for Hexspoor

Great news: Hexspoor is voted the best Fulfillment company in the Netherlands in Emerce-100. What a tremendous honor!

Emerce is the most important multimedia platform in the Netherlands for decision makers who operate at the intersection of digital marketing, media and e-business. The trade magazine annually publishes a special edition, the Emerce-100. This is a publication of the assessment of a group of decision makers on the performance of service providers in the e-business and marketing industry. The companies have all been assessed on knowledge/know-how, price-quality ratio, reliability and flexibility. This year, no fewer than 900 companies were included in the online survey.

In the nineteenth edition of the Emerce100, Hexspoor E-fulfillment takes first place in the category: ‘Fulfilment warehousing’.

Recognition for the need for quality fulfillment services

Susanne Bolck, commercial director at Hexspoor e-fulfilment: “Fantastic, we succeeded! We have reached the top of our category! Hexspoor has become number 1 in the Emerce100, edition 2024, in the Fulfillment Warehousing category. We are proud to have received this recognition as a family business in today’s E-commerce world. It strengthens our belief that we meet the needs of international premium brands with our high-quality fulfillment services.

Thank you Emerce for the recognition, thanks to our team and clients and congratulations to all other companies on the list!”


Emerce100 is a quantitative image research conducted by Motivaction on behalf of Emerce. The target group of the research consists of Emerce readers who use e-business companies. The relevant companies have all been assessed on four criteria: ‘knowledge/know-how’, ‘price-quality ratio’, ‘reliability’ and ‘flexibility’. You can read more information about the research here.