Summer campaign for donation to CliniClowns

For many of us, the summer holidays are a wonderful period for discovering new cultures, enjoying the environment and each other, rest or physical exertion. This is not possible for everyone. Sick and disabled children are often confronted with their shortcomings, confronted with what they cannot do. CliniClowns focuses on the qualities of every child. By playing with them, they temporarily create an environment without limitations.

Our customers were asked to send a postcard to Hexspoor from their holiday address. For every kilometer between Hexspoor in Boxtel and their holiday destination, we donate 1 cent to CliniClowns. We have received cards from all over the world, from countries like France, Cyprus, Italy, but also many Dutch destinations were popular. In total, our customers have traveled 23,891 km, as a result of which we will donate € 238.91 to CliniClowns.

We would like to thank all participants for all the cards we have received. With this action we make it possible that CliniClowns can make even more sick children laugh, relax and enjoy!