We were happy with the rapid relocation, a flexible set-up of systems and good insight into orders and stock.

Kerri Toy

Director UK

Reliv is a worldwide manufacturer and marketer of nutritional supplements. The company is based in the USA, and its products are sold all over the world via a large network of distributors.

Reliv Europe is located in the UK. When Brexit was announced they decided to move a part of their stock to The Netherlands so that their goods can be shipped via the mainland. Reliv was looking for a partner who could fit in well with their existing processes. A partner with experience in delivering goods to consumers as well as larger orders to Reliv’s agents in Europe. In addition, speed was of the essence due to the Brexit deadline.

Reliv opted to have the handling of the B2B and B2C orders go through Hexspoor, but the customer service remained in the UK. So good, real-time reporting of orders and stock at Hexspoor was necessary in order to have sufficient insight for the customer service in the UK. Customisation was necessary for the packaging of a few fragile products. Systems were set up to automatically select the correct, most optimal, packaging for each order.

Ultimately, these choices resulted in a rapid relocation to Boxtel, with a flexible set-up of systems and good insight into orders and stocks for our Reliv colleagues in the UK. The quality of shipping has improved in leaps and bounds with the set-up of the special packaging material and the shipping costs and lead times from the Netherlands are a big improvement.

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