Hexspoor E-fulfilment grows further

Boxtel – On the 15th of March, Hexspoor E-fulfilment expands her logistical branch further with 2.100 m2. At the Ladonkseweg 7 at Boxtel Hexspoor E-fulfilment has started operations in the former bookbindery.

The expansion is necessary because the current capacity at 10.000m2, despite the new warehouse that was built in 2017, is no longer sufficient.

Hexspoor E-fulfilment, recent winner of the FD Gazelle award for Brabant/Limburg/Zeeland, is growing a lot. “Several new and existing clients are requiring more storage capacity and it looks like the increase in capacity will be needed for a while. Because of this we have decided to expand our warehouse again to make sure we can handle these new developments in the future.” Sais Susanne Bolck, General manager at Hexspoor e-fulfilment.

The new warehouse at the Ladonkseweg 7 has a rich history. Hexspoor bookbindery build it in 1984. Because of the decreasing amount of orders due to the digitalization, the bookbinding activities where taken over by Brepols in 2018. Brepols is a large graphic company located in Turnhout, Belgium. The inside of the warehouse has been stripped and fitted with fiber optic to create an optimal warehouse. At the moment the warehouse is going to be prepared to pick, pack and ship order for both customers and companies. The orders shall be gathered with a Pick to Light system and is controlled by Wi-Fi. The new expansion will give job opportunities for dozens of new employees.

The expansion creates over 2300 meters of shelf rack, which is equal to over 6300 new pick locations. Also 10 new picking stations will be put in place in order to increase efficiency and capacity. “With our highly motivated staff, over 20,000 pallet locations and the 6300 new pick locations, we are fully ready for the new challenges that our dynamic market gives us”, this Susanne Bolck.

From the warehouses in Boxtel packages and pallets are send both to businesses/suppliers and customers from Amazon or Zalando. Hexspoor E-fulfilment is specialized in storage and distribution for the business to business and the business to consumer market.

“We are very pleased with the expansion since it was needed faster than we anticipated. We are preparing the warehouse to be used as we speak. A very important aspect with the preparation is our strict quality norms. All of the products are owned by our customers so we cannot just store it anywhere. The new warehouse has been built quite some time ago, so in the near future the outside and parts of the inside shall be fully renovated to meet our standards. We will also apply solar panels to the roof, because we are very aware of our environment.” Thus Susanne Bolck.


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