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Hexspoor congratulates Roma Publications, nai010 Publishers and Paradox!

The 33 Best Dutch Book Designs are known! Congratulations to Roma, nai010 and Paradox with this great prize! We are proud that we have these beautiful books in our warehouse.


We can congratulate Nai010 Publishers with the book The Grand Project. Paradox has won the prize with Welcome Today. And Roma Publications has a double prize. They won the title of Best Dutch Book for the books The Plant Collection and Better be watching the clouds / I want to be able to welcome my father to my house. 

Became curious? We will gladly send you a copy!
You can order the books via: nai010 Uitgevers, Roma Publications or YdocFoundation.

The selection of Best Dutch Book Designs will also be on display at the annual exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, which will open in the fall. Then the catalog also appears.