We are hiring! Orderpickers and packers


Are you looking for a job at one of the fastest growing companies in The Netherlands? Do you want to work after school, full time or during the weekend?

 Hexspoor E-fulfilment is looking for people to work in our warehouse and at our packaging department.

Your job:

Orderpicking: You are basically a reversed shelf stocker, but instead of filling the shelves, you empthy them.

Are you:

  • Older than 15?
  • A real go getter?
  • Flexible?

Then we are looking for you!

Hexspoor offers you:

  • A great team
  • A boost to your CV
  • Money in you bank account

What is next?

Step 1: send your CV to vacature@hexspoor.nl

Step 2: we invite you for a cup of coffee and a chat

Step 3: we make a deal and you can start straight away