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Yen-Li Busscher 
Marketeer Publishing House & Webshop

Yen-Li: “We are a global organisation consisting of people who fight poverty. We are over 10 million fishers, farmers, teachers, donors, supporters, entrepreneurs, researchers, emergency aid coordinators, program workers, lobbyists and many others.”

“We use our webshop to help raise money and to help increase our visibility. You will find our famous Oxfam Novib calendar and amazing books in our webshop. And, this is a recent development, you can also buy symbolic gifts. Like a goat, a cow or a toilet. Cool right?”

“Hexspoor provides storage and fulfilment services for us. Naturally, they don’t delivery animals when someone orders a roaringly fun gift. Instead they print and send personalised gift cards. These are complex processes and Hexspoor is often our sparring partner when it comes to the realisation of these ideas. Our systems are currently so connected that we constantly have insight into stocks and finances; Hexspoor provides us will all the necessary information via our CRM system. Hexspoor has really become part of Oxfam Novib. That’s a reflection of how close we are.”




"Even our goats reach their destination"

Yen-Li Busscher
Marketer Publishing House & Webshop

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