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Joris Staal, Marketing & Distributie

Digitalisation is a fact of life. Information, about things like drinking and taking drugs, is being downloaded by schools, health facilities and the government more and more often. Trimbos has started to ask itself if physical products will still be made available in ten years time. Trimbos wanted to move with the times and was on the look-out for a partner who could provide a total solution.

Joris: “We have fond memories of our first meeting with Hexspoor. We were impressed by their organisation. The implementation and roll-out of the system went off without a hitch. It was the first time that we had necessary insight into our stocks. And in real-time too.” The speedy launch of the collaboration resulted in a close relationship between Trimbos and their partner from Boxtel.

Staal: “Hexspoor’s team gives it their all. They keep us on our toes at all times because they involved in more than just the logistical aspect. Our personal relationship has further strengthened our services. That’s an important quality to have.”


"Strengthening our services"

Joris Staal
Marketing & Distribution

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