For Hexspoor it is important to use sustainable solutions wherever possible and to pay attention to a sustainable way of doing business. This is reflected in a sustainable working environment, but also in the purchase of services and products.
Contributing to a cleaner environment is not a one-off process for us, but an ongoing process.

Sustainable distribution and packaging

The parcels send via Hexspoor are shipped via carefully selected carriers. We do not opt for our own transport, because the cooperation with parcel carriers provides enormous savings in “empty” kilometers.
All our carriers work with the Lean and Green certificate and have committed themselves to operating CO neutrally. In the first place, of course, the aim is to emit as little CO₂ as possible. In addition, each of the carriers has its own projects to offset CO₂ emissions.

PostNl has set various ambitious emission-free ambitions, such as delivering emission-free in 25 inner cities by 2025. We offset the remaining CO₂ emissions with a contribution to the Green Post project.
GLS also has a climate neutral delivery. There are various so-called ThinkGreen initiatives, such as electric vehicles, but also smart last-mile solutions so that a package can be delivered at the first delivery attempt. The remaining ecological footprint is offset through sustainable projects with the Verified Carbon Standard or Gold Standard quality mark, the strictest quality mark for climate projects.
Our third carrier, UPS, sees sustainability as one of its core activities. They set ambitious goals, which results, for example, in the Rolling Laboratory project. Here, UPS works with fuel suppliers and transportation manufacturers to develop and test alternative fuels and technologies. It has electric cars, for example, but also vehicles that are powered by biomethane, a fuel that is used from waste.

Next to a wide range of recycled boxes, you can also choose to send your goods in boxes made of grass fiber. This saves CO2 emission, water, and energy. Also, it is produced with fewer chemicals. Would you like to know more about grass corrugated cardboard boxesContact us!

Our woking environment

Our buildings feature sustainable options, for example good insulation and energy-efficient lighting. Our roof contains 2000m2 of solar panels. In our work we use environmentally friendly and reusable packaging as much as possible and, naturally, we separate our waste. We use energy sparingly and only use energy that is generated in a responsible say. Only 100% green electricity for us.
We perform an energy scan every year to wee shere we can save even more energy.


On our roof..

…where we take care of the shipping of thousands of packages ordered from (international) A-brand webshops, there are now 2000 m2 of solar panels. This

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