B2B Warehouse

Looking for an experienced B2B Warehouse partner to ship your products from a central location in Europe?

B2B fulfilment often requires more attention compared to B2C fulfilment. B2B orders usually contains a wide variety of products and is large in volume. This makes the B2B fulfilment process more complicated compared to B2C orders. A lot of fulfilment companies in the Netherlands turn down B2B fulfilment requests because of this complexity. 

Hexspoor E-fulfilment has got a long standing reputation when it comes to B2B fulfilment and is happy to help you improve your service by offering a high quality B2B fulfilment service. By using special hardware, software and by employing highly trained staff from the Brainport Area in Eindhoven we make sure to deliver all of your B2B fulfilment orders to your customers all around the world.

Why choose Hexspoor E-fulfilment as your B2B fulfilment partner:

  • Hexspoor e-fulfilment was originally set-up as a shipper of exclusive (graphic) products. Care and attention to detail are engrained in our DNA.
  • We feel comfortable working with complex B2B fulfilment processes, like personalisation and special supplements.
  • Our highly trained staff really feel involved and are happy to collaborate so that optimal process flow can be achieved. 
  • You can count of affordable, tailor-made solutions which offer extensive shipment options worldwide


Your contacts

Susanne Bolck

Business development manager
(+31) 411 652122
(+31) 6 206 044 05

Geert Schepers

+31 6 18290667