We want to make sure that the right promotional material is at the right place at the right time

Your organisation has access to a wide range of corporate communication methods and promotional materials which you can use to target your network. This includes folders and brochures but also items like balloons and T-shirts. It does not make sense to store large amounts of this kind of material at each individual site and it’s expensive too. This is why selecting one central storage location for distribution purposes is a good idea. Each location, dealer or partner can order the materials they need via an internal webshop. Managing this kind of webshop is not part of your core business. That is why it’s a smart idea to work with a partner who can take care of fulfilment. An expert who feels personally involved and understands that things need to be taken care of quickly and efficiently. So that you also gain insight into stocks and usage. This means that you can supplement your stocks in a timely fashion and that you can charge departments and locations accordingly. 

  • Hexspoor provides a user-friendly (internal) webshop.
  • You can count on intelligent logistical solutions like consignment stock, cross dock, FIFO and personal note.
  • You will have access to clear online reports about stocks and the orders submitted by each location.
  • Charging clients for the costs incurred is easy.
  • You will have a personal contact you can talk to if you have any questions.
    In other words: all the benefits; none of the fuss.


Your contacts

Susanne Bolck

Business development manager
(+31) 411 652122
(+31) 6 206 044 05

Geert Scheepers

+31 6 18290667