Take the next step when it comes to your non-profit webshop by selecting an involved partner who can take care of processing and administrative tasks

Your organisation is a well-known brand in the field of charities or expertise centres. You want to create a webshop so that you can best serve your supporters. Someone who can share knowledge, raise money, strengthen your brand and support the sale of merchandise. But where do you start and what do you need to do to run a webshop? Webshops have come a lot further than just consisting of promotional materials. You could also make digital products, e-learning packages, printing on demand, registration for events and symbolic gifts available.

Hexspoor has a lot of experience when it comes to setting up a webshop. Including the technical creation of the site and linking systems to CRM or ERP. We also provide the layout for the webshop’s use and administration. We can take care of everything as well as providing advice on how to approach things. Our staff are deeply motivated and form your own, personal team of specialists who are always ready to solve any issues creatively.

  • Hexspoor helps you build your webshop and/or link it to (CRM) systems.
  • Our experienced specialists will give you great e-commerce advice about webshops which make e-learning, e-books, Printing on Demand, events and symbolic gifts available.
  • You can also second the complete management of the webshop as well as its financial administration to an experienced partner if you would like to.
  • You will have constant insight thanks to our clear real-time reports featuring VAT, stock, turnover and a breakdown of investments and loans.


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